European Labour Forum | Number 9, Winter 1992-93



European Labour Forum 

Number 9, Winter 1992-93

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: The Spectre of Unemployment Ken Coates MEP

A European Recovery Programme…

A European Recovery Programme Ken Coates MEP

Money, Debt and Slump: The Lessons of the Thirties Michael Barratt Brown

Funding the Recovery Programme Andrew Marvell

Maastricht and All That Wynne Godley

Debt and War

Somalia: “I Felt Shamed” Mary Robinson

The War in Yugoslavia and the Debt Burden Michael Barratt Brown

A Bloody Disorder Maja Korac


Keep Digging Andrew Glyn

Labour in Europe

Our Future in Europe John Smith MP

The Socialist Case for Maastricht Glyn Ford and Derek Reed

Social Europe

Human Resources Hugh McMahon MEP

Intervention for Social Justice Erkki Tuomioja MP

Buttressing European Works Councils Denis MacShane


  • Gro Harlem Brundtland – Recovery
  • Wayne David MEP – Regions
  • Ken Coates MEP – Pensioners’ Parliament
  • John Perry – Social Housing
  • Anita Pollack MEP – Women and Equality
  • Glyn Ford MEP –Race and 1992


  • Barratt Brown on Davidson
  • Pounder on Furedi
  • Newens on W. E. Adams
  • Barratt Brown on Consumerism