European Labour Forum | Number 8, Summer 1992



European Labour Forum 

Number 8, Summer 1992

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: Edinburgh – A Peoples’ Assizes? Ken Coates MEP

The Pensioners’ Parliament

The European Senior Citizen’s Charter

Question Time Jacques Delors

Can Europe Afford to Work? Allan Larsson MP

Is Recovery Possible? Michael Barratt Brown; Paul Ormerod; Ernest Mandel; Bob Rowthorn; John Grahl, Dutch Central Planning Bureau

Britain’s Economy: Which Way to Recovery? Austin Mitchell MP and Stuart Holland

Labour Campaign for Social Europe

Public Services in Europe

A Vision of What is Achievable Rodney Bickerstaffe and Chris Pond

Public Services and Quality of Life Peter Morris

Public Service Unions: We Face Common Problems Andreas Braun

Community Enlargement Gary Titley MEP

What Future for Europe’s Farms? Terry Wynn MEP


  • John Bird MEP – Free Movement
  • John Collins – Christian Socialists
  • Nigel Lee – Post Bag


  • Edmonds on Trade Unions and the Labour Party
  • Barratt Brown on the Great Public Property Theft
  • McCubbin on Nationalism
  • Simpson on European Networking
  • Taylor on Russian Labour
  • Jackson on Health & Safety