European Labour Forum | Number 6, Winter 1991-92



European Labour Forum 

Number 6, Winter 1991-92

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: Monetary Policy and Socialist Unity Ken Coates MEP


Hard Times: European Social Policy Peter Townsend

The Future of Europe

The Tales of Two Walls John Hume MEP

Europe: The Gateway out of Nationalism Björn Engholm

Stand by Peace! Stand by Union! Ron Todd

Peace and Development: Europe’s Responsibility Willy Brandt


What can the East learn from the South? Michael Barratt Brown

Debt and Trade in Latin America Gary Titley MEP

The Economy

Public Utilities: Restoring Public Responsibility John Hughes

A European Charter for Port Workers John Connolly

European Port Workers’ Charter

Danger on the Decks Tony Topham

Working Together Alan Fox

Finding the Money for Development Marek Thee


  • Jack Jones – Pensioners’ Parliament
  • Neil Stone – Pensioners Speak Out
  • Carol Tongue MEP – Cars
  • Ken Coates MEP – Human Rights
  • John Bird MEP – Hallmarking


  • Alexander on European Union
  • Collins on the Amazon
  • Feickert on Coal
  • Crampton on European Parliament
  • Ford on Fortress or Democracy?
  • Ross on Health