European Labour Forum | Number 5, Autumn 1991



European Labour Forum 

Number 5, Autumn 1991

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: Towards a European Socialist Party? Ken Coates MEP

On Socialist Unity Eisso Woltjer MEP

Demystifying Defence

European Security Policy: The Need for Accountability Oxford Research Group

The Economy

European Car Industry: Where tom Now? Carole Tongue MEP

Questions for the British Labour Movement

Nationalization and Privatization: The UK Experience John Hughes

European Union

Where to Draw the Frontiers of a New Europe? Julian Priestley 

The New European Community in the New World Order David Martin MEP

A Plea for more European Research Glyn Ford MEP

Can the Third World Survive?

Europe and the Third World Michael Barratt Brown


  • Anita Pollack MEP – Urban Environment
  • Terry Wynn MEP – Uganda
  • Chris Sewell – Getting on
  • Anita Pollack MEP – Childcare
  • Geoff Johnston – East Germany
  • David Smith – European Food Safety Forum
  • Lynne Dodd – Homage to Catalan


  • Barratt Brown on Donnison
  • Smith on Race
  • Crampton on Healey
  • Fleet on Danton de Rouffignac