European Labour Forum | Number 4, May Day 1991



European Labour Forum 

Number 4, May Day 1991

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: European Parliament and Peace Ken Coates MEP

The Gulf

The Gulf Crisis Noam Chomsky

What does the word ‘Arab’ convey to you? Erskine Childers

What Can the European Community Offer? Richard Corbett

The Gulf War: Matters Arising Frank Blackaby

After the War: The New Arms Race Mareck Thee

Thinking Out Loud Mikhail Gorbachev


Jobs and Arms Control Michael Barratt Brown

Making History Ron Todd

Italy’s Military Industry Mario Pianta and Giulio Perani

Germany: Conversion and Employment Reinhard Kuhlman

View from France Gerard Patot

Environmental Policy into the ’90s Ken Collins MEP

Enriching Regional Policy Mike Cooley

Health and Safety: What Unions Can Do Stephen Hughes MEP and Jakes Jackson


  • Michael Elliott MEP – Freedom of Movement
  • Terry Wynn MEP – EC: Value for Money?
  • Ken Coates MEP – European Peace Initiative
  • David Feickert – Coal
  • Paul Diamond – Sunday Working
  • Anita Pollack MEP and Robert Markless – British Aerospace Kingston
  • Tony Gray – Labour Students
  • Colin Stoneman – ‘Ideological Contamination’


  • Davidson on Barratt Brown
  • Topham on Hughes
  • Barratt Brown on Murray

Dossier/for the Record

  • Approaches to the Intergovernmental Conference on Economic and Monetary Union

I Parliamentary Labour Party/European Parliamentary Labour Party

II Labour Party National Executive Committee

III Socialist Group of the European Parliament