European Labour Forum | Number 3, Winter 1990-91



European Labour Forum 

Number 3, Winter 1990-91

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: European Pensioners’ Parliament Ken Coates MEP

Uniting Europe

The Future of Europe Jean-Pierre Cot MEP

Dreaming of the Seemingly Impossible Vaclav Havel

The Great Transition John Kenneth Galbraith

Route to Prosperity Glyn Ford MEP

German Unification Alan Donnelly MEP

Solidarity and Liberality Jacques Delors

Building the United States of Europe Hans-Jochen Vogel

The European Parliament and the Supreme Soviet Ken Coates MEP

Europe is Watching You Kirsten Jenson MEP

Scotland’s Place in the New Europe David Martin MEP

Social Rights and the Single European Market John Hughes

The British Road… to Damascus

Democratic Control: The Key Issue Michael Barratt Brown

A Stable Political Framework Brian Sedgemore MP

We Cannot Stand Aside Tony Banks MP

EMU and Labour Gary Titley MEP and Terry Wynn MEP



  • Peter Crampton MEP – War in the Gulf?
  • Jane Goldsmith and Anita Pollack MEP – Black and Minority Women
  • Terry Wynn MEP – Conversion
  • Henry McCubbin MEP – GATT


  • Feickert on Medvedev
  • Barratt Brown on Ponting
  • McGovern on Melman