European Labour Forum | Number 20 Winter 1998-99



European Labour Forum 

Number 20, Winter 1998-99

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial Ken Coates MEP

Amsterdam fails the jobs challenge Mike Allen

New Labour, New Monetarism Philip Arestis and Malcom Sawyer

Same lame ducks, and lame excuses Jimmy Reid

Sliding into slump John Hughes 

The UK economy and the global economy Michael Barratt Brown

Welfare to work: why the theories behind the policies don’t work David Webster

New Labour sells out the workers in Europe Hugh Kerr MEP

The movement of the unemployed in France Christophe Aguiton

Shorter Working Time

Working Time Alfonso Gianni

The Democratic Deficit

Europe needs a Constituent Assembly Ken Coates MEP

Democracy in the European Union Kostas Filinis


  • Georges Debunne (European Federation of Retired and Elderly People) – Social Protection in Europe

A New alliance for democratic and social European Union Georges Debunne and Renato Bacconi


  • Colin Crouch Defending the Welfare State
  • Michael Barratt Brown The failure of unregulated capitalism
  • Philip S. Bagwell Critical mass: transport and the environment
  • J. Brown Strikes and solidarity
  • Glyn Ford MEP Baron