European Labour Forum | Number 2, Autumn 1990



European Labour Forum 

Number 2, Autumn 1990

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: Towards a European Socialist Party? Ken Coates MEP

Security – Time For New Thinking

A New Security Structure for Europe Frank Blackaby

Germany and NATO Hermann Scheer MdB, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul MdB

Real Security? World Development Movement

Don’t Look Back Henry McCubbin MEP

Planning for the Peace Dividend Ron Todd

Coventry’s Defence Jobs Care

Uniting Europe

Political and Economic Union? David Martin MEP

The Architecture of a Future Europe? Richard Corbett

The New Europe: A Socialist Vision Glyn Ford MEP, Carole Tongue MEP

Europe of the Regions Bruce Millan

Should we all be paid in Ecus? MIchael Barratt Brown

The Social Charter: What Unions Must Do Hugh McMahon MEP

Capitalism at Work

Multinationals and Social Control in the 1990s Robin Murray

No Escape from the Laws of World Economics Andre Gunder Frank

Letter from Tony Benn MP


  • Freddy Blak MEP – Leros
  • Terry Wynn MEP – Tobacco
  • Christine Crawley MEP – Women
  • Gary Titley MEP – Chile


  • Barratt Brown on John Strachey
  • McCubbin on John McLean