European Labour Forum | Number 19 Summer 1997



European Labour Forum 

Number 19, Summer 1997

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial I

Restoring Full Employment Ken Coates MEP

Editorial II

At the Frontline: a Report from Renault Henry McCubbin

The Feasibility of Full Employment Stuart Holland

How to Cut Working Time, How to Cut Unemployment? Klaus Zwickel

The Poor are People, too Christopher Hill

Full Employment: the First Reality of Freedom Eddy Lee and Others

Europe as One Economy Henrik Hofman

The Debate on Full Employment Frieder Otto Wolf MEP

Job Sharing Alain Lipietz


  • Tony Simpson – Marchers’ Diary
  • Chistine Oddy MEP & Ben Davison – People With Disabilities
  • David Bowe MEP – Jobs and the Environment
  • Theatre Wallop – Helping Timor


  • Duncan Smith on Alternative Europe
  • Michael Barratt Brown on Exclusion
  • Tony Topham, on Laws the Workers Need
  • Shorter Notices

Documents – ‘The right to move and reside freely…’