European Labour Forum | Number 18, Winter 1996-97



European Labour Forum 

Number 18, Winter 1996-97

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Parade of the Old New Bertolt Brecht

Editorial Ken Coates MEP

New Deal for Europe Stuart Holland

Development – a New Model Jacques Delors

Globalisation… What to do? Oskar Lafontaine

Workers and the World Economy Ethan B. Kapstein

‘They Risk Killing Europe’ Ben Fayot MEP

The CGT Reborn after 100 Years Paul Philo

The Catastrophe of Russia’s Health Zhores A. Medvedev

Catholic Social Thought John Hughes 



  • David Feickert – Working Time
  • Glyn Ford MEP – America’s Poor Deal
  • Tony Simpson – On the March


  • Basil Davidson on World War Two
  • Tony Topham on America
  • Ken Coates MEP on Marx and Engles
  • Michael Barratt Brown on The Real World
  • Glyn Ford MEP on Challenger
  • David Holland on East Central Europe
  • John Monks on The Price of a Cigar
  • David Martin MEP on Democracy
  • Ken Fleet on Pensions
  • Ross Bradshaw on Spanish Civil War

Documents – Creating a Pro-jobs Policy for EMU Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed

How to Cut Working Time A Report from the Finnish Trade Unions