European Labour Forum | Number 17, Summer 1996



European Labour Forum 

Number 17, Summer 1996

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial Ken Coates MEP

Full Employment – A European Appeal

Stakes and Dragons Peter Townsend

History Begins Again? Bernard H. Moss

What To Do Next? Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul MdB

Disappearing Jobs, Falling Incomes John Hughes

Reducing Working Time Michel Rocard MEP

The Socialist Ideal William Morris

Chernobyl Ten Yeats After Zhores A. Medvedev


  • Jack Jones – Pensioners’ Participation
  • Stephen Hughes MEP – Hazards
  • Gearóid O’Meachair – The Irish in Britain
  • Glyn Ford MEP – Japan


  • John Edmonds on Full Employment
  • John Chowcat on Time
  • Ken Coates MEP on Jean Monnet
  • Michael Barratt Brown on DEMOS
  • Zhores A. Medvedev on Gorbachev
  • Henry McCubbin on Sovereignty