European Labour Forum | Number 16, New Year 1996



European Labour Forum 

Number 16, New Year 1996

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial Ken Coates MEP

A Nuclear-weapon-free World Joseph Rotblat

Europe in Question? Martin Bangemann, Ken Coates MEP, Jacques Santer

Share the leisure: share the work Michel Rocard MEP

Still Counting the Unemployed John Wells

Are the Unions a Brake on the Labour Party? Ernest Bevin

Youth: Welfare or Workfare?

The Collapse of Youth Employment John Hughes

Youth unemployment John Wells

Workfare for young unemployed

European youth programme Eluned Morgan MEP

Suicides Ken Coates MEP

Profit rules, OK! John Hughes

New directions for pensions Peter Townsend & Alan Walan Walker

The mystery of Stalin’s archives Zhores A. Medvedev


  • Doreen McNally – Open Letter
  • Ken Stewart MEP – Liverpool dockers
  • Mary Alexander – Nigeria
  • David Martin MEP – 1996
  • David Bowe MEP – Menwith Hill


  • Michael Barratt Brown on Eric Hobsbawm
  • Henry McCubbin on European elections
  • Dave Feickert on public sector unionism
  • John L. Halstead on policy making
  • Shorter Notices: CAITS, Tom Paine, workers in Russia, and trade unions in Europe