European Labour Forum | Number 15, Summer 1995



European Labour Forum 

Number 15, Summer 1995

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial Ken Coates MEP

Media versus the People Alan Plater

The New Orthodoxy Michael Barratt Brown

Squaring the Circle Stuart Holland

Working All Hours? Michel Rocard MEP

The War for Caspian Oil Zhores A. Medvedev

The 1996 and All That David Martin MEP


  • Mary Alexander – Nigeria
  • Glyn Ford MEP – Commonwealth Games


  • John Monks on Workers’ Education
  • John Edmonds on the Right to Work
  • Michael Barratt Brown on Jobs
  • Jim Mortimer on Common Ownership
  • Henry McCubbin on Edward Said
  • Jim Smith on the Communist Party
  • Henry McCubbin on Jimmy Allison
  • Ken Coates on Marx and Engels