European Labour Forum | Number 14, Winter 1994-95



European Labour Forum 

Number 14, Winter 1994-95

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: Modernisation – Capitalism is no big deal Ken Coates MEP

In Place of Fear: What Future for the Welfare State? Peter Townsend

£4.15 an Hour is the MINIMUM Low Pay Unit

Seeking Sustainability Ken Collins MEP

Beyond the Social Chapter Stephen Hughes MEP

Labour and the Commonweal The Debate about Clause IV

Aims and Values Tony Blair MP

Re-writing History, or Making it? Ken Coates MEP

Clause Four Sidney Webb

Witnesses for Clause IV William Tyndale, Sir Thomas More, Gerrard Winstanley, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Robert Owen, James Bronterre O’Brien, George Bernard Shaw, Fabian Society, G.D.H. Cole, Sydney Webb, Bertrand Russell, Raymond Williams

Communism William Morris

Socialism in our Time John Hughes 

The World Bank

No More Bankenstein! Michael Barratt Brown



  • Lyndon Harrison MEP – Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Carolyn Jones – Employment Think-tank
  • Mary Alexander – Aid


  • Henry McCubbin on Europe’s Recent History
  • Kenneth Alexander on Industry
  • Glyn Ford MEP on Nazism and Science
  • Kenneth Alexander on Economic Planning

For the record

  • Henri Emmanuelli – Restoring Socialism
  • Martine Aubrey – An End to Exclusion