European Labour Forum | Number 13, Summer 1994



European Labour Forum 

Number 13, Summer 1994

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: John Smith and the Spectre of Unemployment Ken Coates MEP

Social policy objectives

Think Globally, Act Locally Peter Townsend

Four Articles on Unemployment

1: The Missing Million John Wells

2: Why all this Unemployment? Review of the European Commission Papers Michael Barratt Brown

3: Part-time Work and Unemployment John Hughes

4: Unemployment and Monetary Union Ken Coates MEP

Special Section: 

Europe, D-Day and the Peace Ken Coates MEP

A new blueprint for the world economy

Towards a Socialist Europe. Glynn Ford MEP

Power to the Regions Wayne David MEP

Industrial Policy Carole Tongue MEP

An Under-rated Parliament? Richard Corbett

More Democracy than Before? David Martin MEP

Enlargement: Make or Break? Gary Titley MEP

Restoring the Balance Alman Metten MEP

A Common Energy Policy for the European Union Dave Feickert



  • Freddy Blak MEP – Albania
  • Rachel Hurst – Disability


  • Michael Barratt Brown on Yugoslavia’s Tragedy
  • Glyn Ford MEP on Good in Technology
  • Christine Oddy MEP on Women in Work