European Labour Forum | Number 12, New Year 1994



European Labour Forum 

Number 12, New Year 1994

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: Less Work, More Jobs Ken Coates MEP


A Socialist Manifesto for Europe Introduced by Willy Claes, President of the Party of European Socialists

European Union Gerd Walter MEP


Wanted: 20 Million Jobs Padraig Flynn

The Pensioners’ Parliament

The Right to a Decent Pension Jack Jones

Pit Safety

Who will Inspect the Inspectors? Ken Coates MEP

Deregulation – The Dismal Truth

A Plain Man’s Guide to the UK Government’s Paper on Growth, Competitiveness and Employment in the European Community Ken Coates MEP; Andrew Marvell; Michael Barratt Brown; John Hughes

Economic Recovery

Putting Europe back to Work Jean-Pierre Cot MEP

Employment and Growth Luigi Colajanni MEP

Employment: Eight Essential Approaches Gérard Fuchs MEP & Mario Didó MEP



  • Pauline Green MEP –Consumers
  • Stephen Hughes MEP – Working Time
  • Carole Tongue MEP – Regions
  • Anita Pollack MEP – Animals


  • Glyn Ford MEP on Trade