European Labour Forum | Number 10, Summer 1993



European Labour Forum 

Number 10, Summer 1993

Edited by Ken Coates MEP


Editorial: An Assize on Unemployment and Poverty? Ken Coates MEP

The Edinburgh Poverty Summit: A Declaration

The Party of European Socialists

What’s in a Name? Willy Claes

Building the Party of European Socialists Andreas Papandreou; Poul Nyrup Rasmussen; Michel Rocard; Mario Soares

Social Europe

From the Union’s Standpoint Franz Steinkuhler

Shorter Working Time? John Hughes

Europe in Question Stuart Holland

The IMF and the Third World 

The Modern Frankenstein Michael Barratt Brown


  • Wayne David MEP – Regions
  • Martine Buron MEP – Jobs
  • Christine Crawley MEP – Childcare and the Family


  • Ford & Hain on Fascism
  • Crick on Democracy
  • Martin on European Recovery
  • In Brief
  • Journals