END Info 23 | March/April 2021



* UK warhead announcement: Immoral, Illogical, Illegal
* Warhead Alert!
* Letter of protest from Japan
* 10 reasons why increasing the number of warheads is wrong, Commander Robert Forsyth RN (Ret’d)
* Call for action: For a nuclear weapon free Europe
* Persistent objectors, Tom Unterrainer
* War Exercise Despite Pandemic, German Foreign Policy
* US Bombing of Syria Worsens Regional Instability and Threatens Iran Nuclear Deal, Phyllis Bennis and Khury Petersen-Smith
* TPNW: question raised on Italy’s failure to sign
* US Nuclear bombs in Aviano, Italy, Tiziano Tissino
* From an economy of war to an economy of peace, Olof Palme
* Remembering and shaping the future: for a policy of common security, Reiner Braun and Peter Brandt
* TPNW delates nuclear sharing, Joachim Wernicke