Challenging the rise of Corporate Power in Renewable Energy


Paperback | A5 | 184 Pages

ISBN: 978 0 85124 9186


Dexter Whitfield

Challenging the rise of Corporate Power in Renewable Energy

Strategic opportunities for public ownership and industrial and economic development

  • Exposes the corporate domination in the development, ownership and operation of renewable energy projects.
  • Details the global trade in buying and selling renewable energy projects – 1,622 transactions over 3 years cost US$672bn.
  • Reveals how the World Bank avidly promotes Public Private partnerships in emerging economies with financial closure of 2,928 renewable energy projects between 1997-2021.
  • Exposes the wide use of tax havens by private equity funds and renewable energy companies.
  • Reveals how 20 renewable energy companies paid US$10.7bn dividends to shareholders in 2019-2021.
  • Makes the case for public ownership and operation of renewable energy and the creation of integrated renewable energy zones.
  • Emphasises how the electrification of public transport, manufacturing industry and retrofitting of homes, public buildings and business premises are essential to achieve decarbonisation.

Dexter Whitfield has carried out extensive research and policy analysis over 49 years of regional and city economies and public service provision, jobs and employment strategies, impact assessments, marketisation, privatisation and PPPs for public sector organisations. He has worked extensively with trade unions and community and tenants organisations in the UK and internationally in developing alternative policies and strategies. He is Director of the European Services Strategy Unit and is Adjunct Associate Professor, Australia Institute for Industrial Transformation, Flinders University, Adelaide.