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Based in Nottingham, Spokesman Books publishes a range of titles with local themes. For 2011, we are adding a new, enlarged edition of Means-Test Man by Walter Brierley This celebrated novel, introduced by Andy Croft, describes a week in the life of an unemployed Derbyshire miner. Set in the 1930s and written by a miner out of his own bitter experience, it was one of the most powerful and original novels of that decade.

In their classic 1960s study, Poverty: The Forgotten Englishmen, Ken Coates and Richard Silburn looked again at what was meant by the word ‘poverty’. They concluded that vast numbers of English people were, for the most of their lives, living in acute poverty. What this actually involved was spelt out by means of a detailed survey of St Ann’s, an area in the middle of Nottingham.

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