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News and Events

The Russell Press
The Russell Press was established in 1968 by the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation to provide a supportive and cost-effective printing service to the voluntary sector – an ethos that remains central to the company today.

Our roots and structure make it easy for us to understand the needs of charities and campaigning organisations and natural for us to support their priorities.

Russell Press Digital
Russell Press Digital is the digital printing arm of the Russell Press who have printed books in short runs for our clients for some years now. Our product is unique because we have in house the right finishing equipment. That, together with our book printing expertise, provides you with a good, professionally finished paperback book. We also print posters, flyers, business cards, brochures, and saddle stitched booklets to the same high standard, as well as general stationery.

Russell Tribunal on Palestine
On 4 March 2009, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine was launched at a press conference in Brussels chaired by Stéphane Hessel, Ambassador of France. The initiators of the Tribunal, Ken Coates, Chairman of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Leila Shahid, General Delegate of Palestine to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg, and Nurit Peled, winner of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, discussed why they called its creation.

Speaking for the Tribunal’s Organising Committee, the former Belgian Senator Pierre Galand explained how it will work. Amongst more than a hundred international personalities who have given their support to the Tribunal, Ken Loach, Paul Laverty, Raji Surani, Jean Ziegler, François Rigaux, Jean Salmon and François Maspero were present in Brussels to give encouragement to this project.

In the tradition of the Russell Tribunal on War Crimes in Vietnam, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine is a citizens’ initiative which aims to reaffirm the primacy of international law as the basis for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and at raising awareness of the responsibility of the international community in the continuing denial of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Iraq Inquiry Digest
“This is a project to monitor and comment on the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war. Its aim is both to inform and to provide a dynamic forum for comment and analysis as the Inquiry progresses. It seeks to provide a balance of views and opinion. Its objective is to be constructive and to provide reasoned and well argued comment. “

For further information please visit the Iraq Inquiry Digest‘s website.

Trevor Griffiths
Trevor Griffiths has been writing for the theatre, television and cinema since the late 60s. His work has been seen throughout the world and he has won numerous awards. His best-known stage play, Comedians, has been in constant production around the world since its premiere in 1975.

We publish an anthology of Trevor’s Theatre Plays and his screenplay These Are The Times: A Life of Thomas Paine. The latter was adapted for theatre and A New World made its premiere at Shakespeare’s Globe in the summer of 2009.

Trevor Griffith and David Walsh discuss The Writer and Revolution at Manchester University. Ann Talbot reports for the World Socialist Web Site.

Alexis Lykiard
Alexis Lykiard has features in several issue of The Spokesman. Here is a link to his new website featuring his writings.

The James Kirkup Collection
In 2006, with James Kirkup’s support and encouragement, Dorothy Fleet established The James Kirkup Collection in his birthplace of South Shields, United Kingdom. The Collection is stored in two locations in the town. The artefacts are held in the Museum on Ocean Road and the literature and related papers are kept in the Local Studies Section of the Central Library in Prince Georg Square.

Many of the items in the Collection were donated to the town by James Kirkup during his professional life, including personal items from Kirkup’s life in Japan which were kindly forwarded to me by his friend Akiko Takemoto. After James died, his heir, Makoto Tamaki, generously donated all James’s books and unpublished manuscripts from his home in Andorra to be added to The Collection in South Shields. This following catalogue will be regularly updated with all these new acquisitions.

Peace/Human Rights Associations

Peace Museum
The Peace Museum was founded in 1994 and is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace. It is the only accredited museum of its kind in the United Kingdom. The history of peace, and the people and organisations who have been active and involved in the peace movement, is an important story to be told. We collect and safeguard artefacts relating to peace and peacemakers for the benefit of all. By making these collections accessible, through exhibitions, education, and community programmes, we seek to demonstrate the importance of this heritage and inspire visitors to consider peacemaking as an active process.

CNW – Criminality of Nuclear Weapons
The Criminality of Nuclear Weapons Campaign is working to abolish nuclear weapons through the law because they violate our human values. Concerned citizens are invited to pledge their conviction that any use of nuclear weapons would be a crime.

By making your pledge you will become part of a worldwide grassroots movement of citizens upholding their deepest values through the law.

IBBY Palestine Website
The aim of our PBBY website is to connect effectively with our members, friends and friends to be.

We believe that the dissemination of information about our activities, outcomes, and difficulties will promote our work. We hope to widen our network of friends who have been increasing since we joined IBBY in 2003; thus enriching international solidarity and multicultural exchange.

We aim to give a louder voice to our children, who like to share their dreams, sufferings and aspirations; share their creativity through their writings and illustrations; to briefly highlight the development of children’s literature and children’s books in Palestine.

Stop NATO is a continuation of an e-mail mailing list started in 1999. Its main purpose is to document and oppose global militarist trends and an expanding theater of war that began in the Balkans in the 1990s and has since expanded into South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

It provides daily news and analysis from sources around the world to that end and literary and musical contributions also aimed at opposing war and promoting peace.

Of particular interest is Richard Rozoff’s Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts page.

World Court Project UK
Since 1992 World Court Project UK’s (WCPUK) core work has been to hold governments, and especially the UK government, legally accountable for their nuclear weapon policies. This is based on treaty obligations, the severe restrictions International Humanitarian Law places on nuclear weapons, and their incompatibility with universal ethical norms as expressed in the legal concept of the Public Conscience.

The European Civil Liberties Network
ECLN was launched in October 2005 as a long-term project to develop a platform for groups working on civil liberties issues across Europe. Participating organisations share the common objective of seeking to create a European society based on freedom and diversity, a society of fundamental civil liberties and personal and political freedoms, of free movement and freedom of information, and equal rights for all in Europe.

Statewatch is a non-profit-making voluntary group founded in 1991. It is comprised of lawyers, academics, journalists, researchers and community activists. Its European network of contributors is drawn from 17 countries. Statewatch encourages the publication of investigative journalism and critical research in Europe the fields of the state, justice and home affairs, civil liberties, accountability and openness.

We publish two titles for Statewatch written and edited
by Tony Buyan:
The Shape of Things to Come
War on Freedom and Democracy

Access Info Europe
Access Info Europe is a human rights organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the right of access to information in Europe and contributing to the development of this right globally.

Formed by European and international experts in access to information, Access Info works to advance the highest standards of transparency in government and other public bodies, as well as to promote access to information from private bodies where it is necessary for the protection of fundamental rights.

Movement for the Abolition of War
MAW was formed in 2001, following the Hague Appeal for Peace in 1999. Our founder president was Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat FRS, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; our founder chair was Bruce Kent. They work closely with the International Peace Bureau in Geneva.

International Alert
International Alert is an independent peacebuilding organisation working in over 20 countries and territories around the world. Their dual approach involves working directly with people affected by violent conflict as well as at government, EU and UN levels to shape both policy and practice in building sustainable peace.

Cage Prisoners Ltd
Cageprisoners Ltd is a human rights organisation that exists solely to raise awareness of the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror.

The Peace & Neutrality Alliance was established to advocate an independent Irish foreign policy, maintain Irish neutrality and promote a transformed United Nations as the organisation through which Ireland should pursue its security concerns.

The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF) is a vision and an experiment in applied peace research and global networking. Its work in the Balkans is particularly strong, and its commentaries on international affairs are independent and informative. The Russell Foundation urges all peace campaigners to visit this important site and pledge their support for its good work. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has withdrawn its financial support for TFF, without prior consultation or explanation.

Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service
GandhiServe Foundation’s web site offers photos, footage, audio, books, information, writings online, video online, research service, consultancy and rare materials on Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi.

See also GandhiServe Stiftung- Mahatma Gandhi Forschungs- und Meiendienst

Ghandi Information Centre
GANDHI INFORMATION CENTER – Established in 1990, the Gandhi Information Center for Research and Education on Non-violence, has organised educational activities with publications about the Life and Achievement of Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi Information Center has made contacts all over the world and contributes to an international network, studying the origins of non-violent, active resistance, as developed and lived by Gandhi.


Craig Ritchie Photography
The site contains a selection of Craig’s work taken over the years and a blog that he occasionally updates.

In August 2011, Craig posted about War Against War!, he says: ‘The German pacifist anarchist, Ernst Friedrich, … produced one of the first (and arguably, still the best) photographic attempts at scrutinising warfare in his seminal photobook, WAR against WAR! Since its publication in 1924 there have been as many as a million copies in circulation, translated into forty languages.’

To read the rest go to:

Concord Media
Concord Media is a long established not for profit charity which sells DVDs on peace, race relations, ecology, health and a host of other social concerns. Formed by Quakers in Suffolk in 1959 as a result of concern about nuclear weapons the scope has broadened over the years.

Founded in 1959 Concord quickly grew from humble beginnings to become a small cottage industry. It progressed in the ‘70s to become a company limited by guarantee to cope with the ever increasing demand for its services.

Review 31
Review 31 is an online literary magazine focusing mainly on new academic titles and other serious non-fiction, with a particular emphasis on politics, history, art and literature. Its contributors comprise a diverse mix of scholars and journalists including Ian Birchall, Hugh O’Shaugnessy, David Renton and David Morgan. Review 31 was launched on 14 October 2011.

Illuminations is an independent production company and media publisher.

“We specialise in making and distributing films about the arts, and we also produce great programmes about religion, history and ideas. Our daily blog is about these films, and about the arts, the future of television and digital media in general.”

Nottingham Creative Network
Nottingham has been a centre for creativity for generations, and the Nottingham Creative Network (NCN) is a growing network of people in the City who provide, utilise or work with creative services, from design or photography to architecture or fine art

An ebook from Soundings (free to download):

edited by Jon Cruddas and Jonathan Rutherford

The case for a new socialism and analysis of the economic and social issues that lie at the heart of the economic crisis.

Download here:

Contributors: Jon Cruddas, Clive Dilnot, Bryan Gould, John Grahl, Colin Hines, Adam Leaver, Toby Lloyd, Lindsay Mackie, Robin Maynard, Richard Murphy, Carlota Perez, Ann Pettifor, Michael Prior, Jonathan Rutherford, Göran Therborn.

World Socialist Web Site
The World Socialist Web Site ( is published by the International Committee of the Fourth International and its sections, the Socialist Equality Parties, around the world who all contribute to the coverage and editorial work.

The website was launched in February 1998 and has rapidly become the most widely read internet based socialist publication in the world. It underwent a redesign this year to make it more accessible and to allow more graphical content. It offers a daily Perspective article which provides an analysis of the day’s key political events, extensive global news and analysis, reports of workers struggles around the world, letters from our readers, reviews of new books, and theoretical articles that aim to revive the culture of classical Marxism. Its well informed arts coverage has become justly popular.

Arts Editor David Walsh undertook a speaking tour in the UK as part of which he spoke to playwright Trevor Griffiths in front of audience at the University of Manchester.

Doollee is a free online guide to modern playwrights and theatre plays which have been written, or translated, into English since the production of Look Back in Anger in 1956.

London Progressive Journal
London Progressive Journal is a UK-based weekly online magazine covering domestic and international current affairs from a left perspective. The magazine features regular reports from a number of disparate campaign groups, as well as regular contributions from a number of talented emerging journalists. Since its inception in January 2008, the magazine has featured interviews with a number of prominent activists, including Howard Zinn, Mordechai Vanunu, John Pilger and John McDonnell MP.

RICENPEAS Film , founded in 1999, is an independent film production company that specialises in producing evocative, thought-provoking programmes. Having earned a reputation for producing hard-hitting social documentaries, the company aims to question, to challenge and to educate. In an era where mainstream journalism is often saturated with propaganda, we attempt to

make films that accurately represent the lives and stories of the people we record without prejudice or bias.

The Tribune
Tribune was founded in 1937 by Labour politician Aneurin Bevan, who, as Health and Housing Secretary in Clement Attlee’s post-war government, went on to found the National Health Service. Originally intended as a unifying platform for the left in the fight against fascism in Franco’s Spain, Tribune remains an independent weekly labour movement voice carrying news, views, features, books and arts reviews and cartoons. Its editors have included Michael Foot and George Orwell, a former literary editor.

Campaign Against the Arms Trade CAAT campaigns for the reduction and ultimate abolition of the international arms trade and the UK’s role in it as a leading arms exporter. CAAT also encourages policies to re-orientate the UK economy away from military industry towards civil production.

Left Directory
Left Directory is the most comprehensive left-wing directory in the UK. It includes an interactive manifesto of the left, a bookshop, discussion and chat, and regular labour news from the UK and globally.

The Scottish Left Review
The Scottish Left Review is a bi-monthly website magazine providing a focal point of thought and discussion for the Scottish Left. Such a forum is much needed while the free reign of market forces is not only tolerated but actively promoted as the only agency that can ensure economic prosperity.


Coventry University
Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies

Our core concern is the study of how to achieve peace by peaceful means at all levels. We explore contested concepts such as peace, violence, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation. We also explore methods of transforming violent relationships by nonviolent means. Our aim is to help people develop their capacities, and to this end we also incorporate training in project management specifically designed for those working with peace and change agencies.

Some scholarships are available for our programmes.

Graduates work in such fields as peace-building, international relief and development, media, diplomacy, education, religion, conflict resolution and restorative justice.

For further information please check Coventry University website.

University of Bradford
Department of Peace Studies
The oldest, largest academic centre for the study of peace and conflict in the world, ranked among the best politics and international relations departments in the UK. Research centred on disarmament, security in Africa, AIDS, global threats, social justice. Offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees. UK host to the global youth peace education programme and PeaceJam.

Manchester University Press
Manchester University Press serves the international academic community and promotes The University of Manchester by the publication of outstanding works of learning and scholarship that both reflect and enhance The University’s authority and reputation.


Abu Omar
Hanna Mikhail guerre name (Abu Omar) is a Palestinian intellectual born in Ramallah- Palestine. In July 1976 during the Lebanese civil war, Abu Omar and 9 of his comrades and two sailors disappeared while on their way by sea to the besieged Palestinian camps in Northern Lebanon. This site is dedicated to his memory: ‘We are friends and admirers of Abu Omar; we aim to honor the memory of a distinguished intellectual and revolutionary, and to highlight the noble values he embodied. We believe that this rich heritage of our struggle should become a vital part of our collective memory, essential to promote our liberation struggle’.

The Belgrano Inquiry
Twenty-four years ago (1986), a group of us organised the two-day ‘Belgrano Inquiry’ at Hampstead Town Hall, London. This was the nearest there has ever been to a proper independent inquiry into the sinking of the Belgrano, and was supported by a number of important witnesses. The entire proceedings were recorded. Key extracts are available at the Sound Archive on this site, plus other back ground information and in-depth analysis.

What is Pugwash? An international movement of scientists and others with a professional concern about the social impact of science and seeking ways to prevent its misuse. Particular attention is given to banning weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological); to the solution of conflict without resort to force; to the creation of a sustainable environment; and to bettering the conditions of life of all people. Pugwash takes it’s name from the location of the first meeting, which was held in 1957 in the village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada, birthplace of the American philanthropist Cyrus Eaton, who hosted the meeting.

The stimulus for that gathering was a Manifesto issued in 1955 by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein — and signed also by Max Born, Percy Bridgman, Leopold Infeld, Frederic Joliot-Curie, Herman Muller, Linus Pauling, Cecil Powell, Joseph Rotblat, and Hideki Yukawa — which called upon scientists of all political persuasions to assemble to discuss the threat posed to civilization by the advent of thermonuclear weapons.

There are many National Pugwash Groups listed on the main site. Follow this link for the Pugwash UK site.

Impeach Blair
For more information on the potential impeachment of Tony Blair please visit Impeach

Activism Network
Activism Network is an online space that is unique in its open and transparent nature where all people who share these progressive values are free to share ideas, opinions and information.

Peace Tax Seven
Peace Tax Seven say everyone is a victim of financial conscription. That we are all made complicit in state ordered killing through our taxes. They are calling for a judicial review of current taxation practices which contravene the human rights of conscientious objectors. They would rather fund non-violent alternatives to war preparations.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations.

Manifesto Against Conscription and the Military
Manifesto Against Conscription and the Military shall contribute to the abolition of military conscription, the military system and the military – in favour of complete disarmament and of a global culture of non-violence.

If you agree, sign the Manifesto and send us your signature to promote a world without the military, without any war.


The Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust
The Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust was founded in 1980 by Norman Melburn and named for his friend and fellow Marxist, the lawyer Barry Amiel. Both men are now commemorated in the name of the Trust, following Norman Melburn’s death in 1991

The Lipman-Miliband Trust
The Lipman-Miliband Trust continues to play a vital role as one of the very few charities able to respond to the needs of those engaged in socialist education. We encourage new work within this broad field, taking into consideration new areas of cultural and political work in institutions of learning but also in community organisations and among NGOs.


Bookstore Guide
Bookstore Guide is a non-profit organization with an aim to list independent bookstores throughout Europe, carrying at least a certain amount of books in English.

Bookmarks is Britain’s leading socialist bookshop, just around the corner from the TUC and the British Museum.

Housmans radical booksellers since 1945. They specialise in books and periodicals of radical interest and progressive politics.

IndieBookshops – your guide to finding the best independent bookshops in your area.

London Review Bookshop
London Review Bookshop opened in the heart of London’s Bloomsbury in May 2003. Since then it has established itself as one of London’s leading independent bookstores.

News From Nowhere
News From Nowhere is Liverpool’s radical and community bookshop.

October Books
October Books is an independent community bookshop based in the Portswood area of Southampton. They stock a wide range of general books for adults and children, as well as our speciality areas (such as social issues, adoption, humanities and political issues).

Word Power Bookshop
Word Power Bookshop is Scotland’s independent and radical bookshop. Their online bookshop is an alternative to corporate bookselling chains and some online companies which ban trade unions.

Vagabond Voices
Vagabond Voices is a Scottish publisher, just founded, with an up-market European brief. Good news for adventurous readers. They have scored an early coup by bringing us a short novel by Allan Massie, Surviving.” – Ronald Frame in the Scottish Review of Books.


The Jimmy Reid Foundation
The Jimmy Reid Foundation has been established in memory of Jimmy Reid and to continue the legacy of radical political thinking his life represented.

It is a think tank and advocacy group focussed on practical policy proposals for transforming Scotland which are based on analysis and investigation of the current Scottish and global political, cultural and social situation.

Convention of the Left
Manchester Convention of the Left meets the third Monday of every month at Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester.

The Raymond Williams Society
The Raymond Williams Society was established in 1989. The Society exists to support and develop intellectual and political projects in areas broadly connected with Williams’s work.

Intute is a free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research. All material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists to create the Intute database.

The Bertrand Russell Archives at McMaster
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY is home to the scholarly study of Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), British philosopher, logician, essayist, and renowned peace advocate.

Society for the Study of Labour History
The Society for the Study of Labour History was founded in 1960. he Society is the UK’s principal organisation dedicated to the study of labour history. The Society organises meetings and conferences, represents the interests of labour history and labour historians in a number of fora and publishes the highly-regarded journal Labour History Review. Membership is open to everyone interested in the field of Labour History.

The Thomas Paine Society
The Thomas Paine Society came into being as a direct consequence of the controversy in Thetford in 1963 following the offer of a statue of the town’s most famous citizen. Opinion in Thetford concerning Thomas Paine had always been somewhat ambivalent, but the press and radio reports about the row over the statue revealed the extent of the ignorance about Paine’s life, habits, work, ideas and actions, an ignorance that led a number of people nationally to urge that a society be established which would endeavour to set the factual record straight concerning him. is for people who want to keep in touch with the progressive community but don’t have time to surf dozens of websites. We do it for you. It’s also for people who care about the progressive cause and are looking for an online home. Each day we scour the country (USA) – from Capitol Hill to newspapers to think tanks and activist groups – and highlight the news, ideas and actions that you need to stay fully informed. Because we’re based in Washington, D.C., expect us to be obsessed with the workings of the nation’s capitol.

Thomas Paine Friends, Inc.
Thomas Paine Friends, Inc. Chartered in 2002, this national and international organization strives to renew public recognition of the great Patriot-Author-Humanitarian and Political Philosopher as a founder of America, advocate of equal rights, justice, human rights, social welfare and free expression.


Ingen krig mod Irak
Stop Terrorkrigen

Irak’ta Savasa Hayir!

Stop the War Coalition

Coordination Nationale d’Action pour la Paix et la Democratie

Stop The War

Fredsinitiativet – Ingen krig mot Irak!

Nej till Krig mot Iraq

Irish Anti-War Movement

United for Peace